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tv   Al Jazeera World News  LINKTV  March 22, 2013 5:30am-6:00am PDT

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>> patience is wearing thin in cyprus as politicians scramble to find a way out of the debt crisis. it is not fair. they should rescind it -- >> it is not fair. they should resend it. -- rescind it. >> hello. you are watching al jazeera live from our headquarters in doha. also ahead, taking the international stage. china's new president arrives in russia, his first foreign trip since taking the job. murder in myanmar, more than a dozen killed as ethnic violence enters its third day. and seeing red in the middle east -- fears of war as water starts to dry up.
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the cypriot government says the next few hours will determine the future of the country. politicians are due to debate how to stop the country from going bankrupt. the european central bank says they have until monday to raise until more than -- to raise more than $7 billion. people are running out of patience. he's are the latest pictures from the capital -- these are the latest pictures from the capital, nicosia. cypriot leaders were helping -- hoping to get help from russia, but the finance minister has left moscow empty-handed. the scenep, what is behind you? we can see people on the street, presumably very angry at what is going on. >> that is right. running out of patience and now running out of money. the atms -- there have been
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runs on them the last 48 hours. people who have deposits in the banks are frightened that if they don't get the money out now, they will never get it out. these are some of the 300 odd demonstrators. many of these people are employees of the banks. the bank is up for restructuring when parliament sits in a few hours time. as far as employees are concerned, restructuring means destruction and they are unhappy with the wait events are panning out. we spoke to some of the -- with the way events are panning out. we spoke to some of the demonstrators. >> out of solidarity, we accepted to save greece. we lost 4 billion from the measures the troika gave us and forced us, out of solidarity,
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to say, please, where is our solidarity now. it is not solidarity to and families'bank savings, loans, everything they own. >> when parliament does sit in the next few hours, what will happen? what is at stake for the country? .> everything is at stake the european central bank made it very clear yesterday in a message to the president that his government must come up with a deal by monday night or they will pull the plug on cyprus' banks. that will cripple and basically drive out of the business -- drive out of business to of the banks -- two of the banks. stake.s a huge amount at they are looking at two bills at the moment.
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there are nine to be debated, which is going to take forever. one is a restructuring of the bank, which could result in a contribution of something like '.3 billion euros to cyprus contribution to the bailout, which would be of enormous help. also, they are looking at toughening up on the exchange control regulations. they are very worried about a possible run on the banks when they finally open on tuesday. there is going to be a cap on how much money you can take out from the banks. there are ready are how much you can get from the atm. they will be introducing strict border checks to make sure the flight of money out of the country ceases. >> thank you, peter sharp, reporting from nicosia. xi jinping's first trip abroad as china's president.
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in moscow a few hours ago. he is due to meet russian president vladimir putin. robin forestier-walker has the latest. his first tour is a very symbolic one. choosing moscow in the same way that president putin chose beijing. these countries have a lot in common, strategically, symbolically, and pragmatically. they are in step when it comes to security council issues like syria and iran. they are both keen to counter the united states power and influence in the asia-pacific region. and they will be looking to sign a number of agreements on trade and energy. the russians very much need chinese assistance in the far east. what we might expect out of this could be a pipeline from russia into china. the russians need to diversify their energy. they are too dependent on the
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europeans. the chinese are the world's top energy consumer today need russian gas. they will be potentially looking to sign deals on the subject of arms. big exporter of arms to the chinese. that fits in with their geopolitical alignments. the russians really have -- really need money from the chinese to help develop their far east, which is a very underdeveloped part of russia. they will be looking for china's investment, not just materials, but investment in manufacturing and infrastructure. president putin has said he needs china's wind in russia's economic sale. >> the un is launching an investigation into what it calls suspected human rights violations in north korea. diplomats want to look into allegations of torture, food deprivation, and forced labor by the government. the north korean ambassador to
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the un has denounced that resolution. .> the people are happy they have one of the best systems in the world for promoting and protesting of human rights. no logical explanation makes sense to those who refuse to listen to the truths and face the reality as it stands. >> around 200,000 people are believed to be held in then north korean network of labor camps. these satellite pictures show one that is north of pyongyang. human rights groups show the camps are being expanded -- say the camps are being expanded. south korea says it was wrong to identify china as the source of an internet hack. the attack brought down networks of television stations and banks. south korea still
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believes the attack originated from abroad. fighting in central myanmar has entered a third day. police say more than 20 people have died so far in riots in a time ash in a town north of yang riots in the town yangon.f >> the number of victims is expected to grow. it all started on wednesday. it led to a fight between a small group of muslims and buddhists. the ensuing violence -- in the ensuing violence, a buddhist monk was killed. ever since, crowds of people have roamed the town, attacking each other with knives and weapons. .any homes have been destroyed many people, muslim >> and , mostly -- many people and buddhist, are leaving the town. some people in the town have told al jazeera they believe soldiers are making the problem worse.
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the army, they say, is trying to prove its importance after it gave way to a partially civilian years ago.2 1/2 last year, similar allegations were made in western union are. entire villages were destroyed 100,000and around people forced into camps where they remain today. most of them are running the muslim -- running the muslims hingya muslims. people are killing each other. homes and places of worship destroyed. for nicolas sarkozy has condemned an investigation into the former french campaign's 2007 finances, calling it scandalous. he is accused of taking illegal donations from the country's richest woman, liliane bettencourt. if he is found guilty, he faces
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up to three years in prison and a fine of about $480,000. sarkozy denies the allegations. tourk obama is expected to the church of nativity in bethlehem with palestinian president mahmoud abbas in about an hour. together, they visited the tomb modernlate father of zionism and also the tomb of yitzhak rabin. we understand that obama will now be driving from jerusalem to bethlehem instead of taking the chopper. why is that you'd what does his visit to bethlehem include? -- why is that? what does his visit to bethlehem include? >> now a wild sand storm has
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.lown across the west bank not able to travel by helicopter. he will travel by road. this should give president obama another viewpoint of the and he activity in the west bank. he's likely to see some very large israeli settlements, settlements that encroach on palestinian land surrounding bethlehem. he will be seeing the church of the nativity, including the door of humility. this is a very low door that you enter to get into the church. someone as tall as president obama is really going to have to duck down. he will visit the rod aware jesus christ was born -- the grotto where jesus christ was born. he will be meeting with palestinian president mahmoud abbas, a second meeting with him, as well as a number of
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religious leaders. the custodian of the holy land from the franciscan order. it is quite wild on the rooftop here. very much a religious visit here for president obama. watch out for that storm. let me ask one final question about what palestinians think about his visit to the city. were speaking to a number of palestinians on the square. some of the shop holders. they said they were pleased that president obama is visiting bethlehem. they know that it won't change any of the situation on the ground. they really wanted to highlight how difficult it is for them here, how much the tourism industry has suffered. ,he israeli system of permits the separation walls have really cut off bethlehem from jerusalem. they talk about the fact that
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tourists who come to this area, even though there are millions of them, very few of them go out and see the streets of bethlehem and visit the shops. they say that is because israel ,ontrols the tourism industry that the palestinian businessmen cannot going to israel to collect the tourists and build their industry here. bethlehem has a very high unemployment rate. it's one of the highest in the west bank, at more than 20%. quiteincredible -- incredible when you think this is one of the biggest tourism sites in the west bank. >> thank you, reporting from a very stormy and wendy bethlehem. it is a diplomatic dispute -- and windy bethlehem. it is a diplomatic dispute. why two italian marines are heading back to india to face trial. and a global problem
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>> hello again. you are with al jazeera. china's president has arrived in moscow for talks with russian president vladimir putin. they are expected to focus on trade and military cooperation. in cyprus, hundreds of people are protesting against plans to cut their jobs. the government says the next few hours will determine the future of the country. all additions are set to debate how to stop the country from going bankrupt. the lease say more than 20 people have died in riots in central myanmar. say more than 20 people have died in riots in central myanmar. the united nations is marking world water day to draw attention to water security. in many parts of the world, fresh drinking water is drying up. nowhere is the situation more dire than in the middle east here that could further
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destabilize a part of the world already rife with conflict. middle east is rapidly getting drier. that is the conclusion of a pie or -- of a pioneering new study by a university of -- by university of california scientists. >> what we found is that the groundwater -- it is much larger of an issue than people expected. >> in this visualization, blue represents groundwater gained and read the shows groundwater lost. the drought beginning in 2006 began rapid loss. by 2007, the entire region has gone deep red. the trends have continued to the pump waterfarmers from underground aquifers to feed crops. 90 told, the region lost cubic kilometers of groundwater, enough to fill up the dead sea.
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>> the groundwater lost is enough to supply water for tens of millions to maybe over 100 .illion people per year it is a lot of water. >> the study was conducted using nasa satellites that measure changes in the the earth's gravitational field. >> what we see in the middle east is happening all over the world, particularly in the area and semiarid parts of the globe -- in the air it and -- in the air rid and semiarid parts of t globe. >> is could lead to disputes in the region. >> -- this could lead to disputes in the region. >> if you cannot plan, you have to take drastic action. that could create unrest, create social problems, and conflicts
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across the border -- the region. >> access to water could easily become the next point of dispute in a region that already has plenty of social, regional, and ethnic fault lines. head of campaigns for water aid, an international charity that works to get people access to clean water says that scarcity of supply is not so much a problem, but more the management of water resources. of the global freshwater is used at the moment. there is plenty of water. the issues are down to political priority and leadership, putting enough money into water and sanitation bump -- budgets, and bringing together the people who can provide more money for those budgets, and spending it where it is needed. we are not saying there is not water. there is water, but it must be properly managed. we must take advantage of
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knowing about potential hotspots and crises. as a global community and governments around the world, we can do more. we have seen many innovative solutions, many innovative ways in which water can be transferred from place to place. a major crisis is countries where there is not water, but there could be. that is a good news story for world water day. if governments can put water sanitation as a priority, there are many other countries where it could be made much more available quite easily through the aquifers already there. >> we will have more in the coming hours, including -- >> the reservoirs of met -- of -- the -- are drying up reservoirs here are drying up. i will tell you why the plight .f farmers is becoming dire >> the secretary-general of the arab league has told eric -- al
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jazeera that syrian states are arming rebel fighters. is the first official to publicly confirm what has long been suspected. >> no one knows who is providing the arms. what i see is that provided arms and ammunition have started with certain countries to serious. it is normal the other side would seek it. tolds the arab league them they should feel free to do so? ,> they said all assistance including military -- >> the un is preparing to send a team into syria to investigate claims of chemical warfare. both sides have accused each other of using the weapons in an attack near aleppo this week. our diplomatic editor, james
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bays, has been following that story. amid claims and counterclaims, the un has stepped in, saying it will send an investigation team. have decided to conduct a united nations investigation on the possible use of chemical weapons in syria. >> the controversial part of all of this is the scope of any inquiry. >> the investigation mission is to look into the specific incident brought to my attention by the syrian government. i am, of course, aware that there are other allegations of similar cases involving the reported use of chemical wet and. .> -- chemical weapons >> he was not prepared to clarify further. things deliberately
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ambiguous because he knows this is a deeply controversial issue. in recent days, there has been disagreement around the security council table. russia says one incident of the alleged use of chemical weapons raised by the syrian government is all that should be investigated. britain and france have written a letter to the secretary general. they say there have been a number of other alleged incidents and his inquiry needs to be much more wide-ranging. in addition to the controversy around security council table, just getting an investigation will be ethical -- an investigation team to syria will be difficult. the un requires guarantees from both sides on safety. the syrian government has said any inquiry needs to be neutral and impartial. it may well question some of the names and nationalities of proposed team members. james bays, al jazeera, at the united nations. >> reparations are being made for the funeral -- preparations
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are being made for the funeral of up he ally of bashar al- ally of for a key bashar al-assad. .e was a sunni muslim the u.s. has opposed sanctions imposed sanctions on a rebel group in northern mali. they have banned americans from doing business with it. the group was recently pushed out of northern mali french-led troops. two italian marines accused of killing a pair of indian fishermen last year are being sent back to india to face charges. >> the two men are being sent back to india. they are accused of shooting dead two fishermen off india's southern coast in february of last year. >> italy has informed to us
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they will be sending back the marines to india. marines had been part of a military security team protecting this tanker. they say they fired on the fishermen thinking they were pirates. dead deaths -- the deaths demonstrations. the families of the dead have been demanding compensation and they want the marines tried in india. i would urge the indian government and the court to give us justice. marines have twice been allowed to leave india on bail. the second time, they did not come back. the italian government refused to return the pair, despite previous promises. that led the indian prime minister, man mohan singh, to gn,ounce the -- manmohan sin
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italiannce the government. stay at thenes will italian embassy in new delhi while the court hears their case. >> a tornado that ripped through parts of the australian states of victoria and new south wales has injured at least 20 people. the storms flatten several caravan parks and destroyed a forest. local media have reported winds up to 268 kilometers per hour. australian police say they stopped an international drug smuggling come -- drug smuggling syndicate. they seized 42 kilograms of drugs and more than $4 million in cash. .7 people have been arrested drugs have been making headlines in australian sports this year.
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the country has a reputation for taking winning very seriously. recent revelations of doping in various competitions have rocked the national psyche. , thedrew thomas reports scandal is hurting teams that have been -- have not been accused of wrongdoing. >> it is captain stay in melbourne. it is uniquely >> with elements of rugby, football, and even basketball, all played on an oval-shaped field. this year, they have been hit with scandal even before the season starts. last month, a preliminary investigation found the use of performance enhancing drugs is widespread in australian sports. found themselves under particular scrutiny. investigations continue. even without the conclusion, it has cast a shadow. >> as a player, you do get a
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little disappointed at times, but there's not much you can do about it. >> the national rugby league has also been sanctioned. 31 players have been formally questioned. stars of one club have been sacked. australia's usually dominant could it -- cricket team is in crisis. the vice captain was dropped for failing to do homework assigned by his coach. on wednesday, australia's national swimming coach resigned. australia's performance at the pool in the london olympics fell well short of expectations. >> it probably affects their psyche. we have it going with nfl, i have felt, cricket is setting the world on fire. there are all sorts of internal investigations over the conduct over the swimmers in london. we are a country that has always lived and breathed and
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each and sports, and now we are struggling. >> -- lived and breathed and eaten sports, and now we are struggling. >> right now is not one of the golden eras. >> it is definitely in the doldrums. >> australians take their sports exceptionally seriously. recent scandals and poor performance hits hard.
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